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The IJBST Journal Group subscribes to the San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment and The European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity and The ICMJE recommendations for the Conduct, Reporting, Editing, and Publication of Scholarly work and The WMA Declaration of Helsinki – Ethical Principles for Medical Research involving Human Subjects

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IJBST Journal Group Editorial Policy

(Journals as listed at https://www.ijbst.org )

Policy last revised June 8, 2022

Webpage last updated June 8, 2022

The IJBST Journal Group has been established to bring about a confluence of people working in the different aspects of Bio/ into a converged team that works together in unity and fraternity for the betterment of technology and society through the widespread global reach of the IJBST Journal Group as a medium for propagating team and collaborative multidisciplinary research activities and education through research. The Editors reserve the right to safeguard and protect the noble goals and mission of the Journal Group.

The IJBST Journal Group is an independent open access peer-reviewed non-profit scholarly/professional Journal Group(charging NO fees) having a noble vision of fostering better health and life for mankind by encouraging Research in the interdisciplinary & multidisciplinary areas of the Sciences, Engineering, Medicine & allied areas of Technology with relation to Bio/Life/Human within the scope of the IJBST Journal Group through significant contribution of Eminent Scientists, Professors, Experts, Researchers and Policy makers as Hon’ble members of the Advisory and Editorial Boards of the Journal.

Aims & Scope

The IJBST Journal Group is a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary peer-reviewed international journal group that aims to provide a means of communicating significant research done in the areas conforming to the scope of the IJBST Journal Group. The IJBST Journal Group will also provide a focus for the importance of integrating these realms.

The IJBST Journal Group provides online-only peer-reviewed publication of the results and conclusions of original research on areas indicated above and other related areas not yet included. Print Editions may soon follow, however the Journal does not give a commitment to publish Print Issues in the near future.

The range of topics is wide and will include methodological aspects of science, engineering, technology, medicine, health science, clinical trials, observational studies, diagnostic studies, bio-ethics discussions and all areas encompassed within the scope of the IJBST Journal Group. Manuscripts need to establish that they conform to the scope of the Journals.

The IJBST Journal Group operates as a rolling publication, publishing articles as they are accepted. In addition to contributed research papers, the IJBST Journal Group often includes special sections papers in key related areas.

The IJBST Journal Group encourages submissions from all authors throughout the world. Manuscripts are judged by two or more experts solely on the basis of their contribution of original data, ideas and their presentation. The following articles will be considered for publication: editorials, original and review articles, brief reports, case reports, letters to Editors, and book reviews. Submitted manuscripts must not have been published, accepted for publication or be under consideration elsewhere. Investigation on human and animal subjects should conform to universally accepted guidelines.

All articles will be subject to thorough, critical, objective and fair review by the Editors and Hon’ble members of the Advisory or Editorial boards of the journal within 3 months, but longer delays are sometimes unavoidable considering the hectic and busy schedules of the eminent members of the Boards.

Mission & Vision

Encourage contribution to Research in areas conforming to the Scope of the Journals for achieving better health and disease-free living for all.

Encourage and motivate researchers

Offer a platform for the dissemination of knowledge

Improve the approaches of research, education, promotion and other multidisciplinary & interdisciplinary efforts in realms related to Bio/Life/Human by fostering a better understanding of the multidimensional nature of both research and educational systems as they relate to the promotion of Health Sciences & Technology for the betterment of mankind and human life.


The audience for the IJBST Journal Group is expected to be global, including all Institutions/Personalities involved with Research/Academics/Industries/Policy-making and Governmental Agencies as this Journal is offered to Technology & Society through the eminent participation of the Hon’ble Members of the Advisory and Editorial Boards and the contributing Authors/Institutions.

Key Features

Fair and Unbiased Editorial handling.

Authors are provided option to present their defense

Highly competent and Internationally acclaimed Advisory and Editorial Board.

Online submission, review & publication of papers.

Free Online Access & No charges


All manuscripts submitted to the IJBST Journal Group must be submitted solely to this Journal and must not have been published in another publication of any type. Authors need to give a declaration to this effect.

Manuscripts submitted under multiple authorship are reviewed on the assumption that all listed authors concur in the submission and that the final version of the manuscript has been seen and approved by all authors.

All manuscripts submitted to the IJBST Journal Group are reviewed critically. All Editorial tasks to the Hon’ble members of the Boards are assigned to the member only on consent for each assignment. The Editors assisted by the consenting Hon’ble Advisory and Editorial Board members will make a decision on a manuscript for acceptance based on the scientific merit and technical quality of the studies reported. All Advisory/Editorial board members and Referees who review a manuscript will remain anonymous to the authors.

Special Issues

Special Issues in the IJBST Journal Group are proposed by the Hon'ble Members of the Advisory & Editorial Boards of the Journal.

Special Issues will concentrate on any specific area of expertise or choice of the Hon'ble Member, that falls within the scope of the IJBST Journal Group.

Proposals for special issue are received by the Editor and formal processes for inclusion of Special Issues are initiated.

The proposer(s) of included Special Issues will serve as Guest Editors for that Special Issue.

External experts can also suggest Special Issues to the IJBST, in the event of which they need to contact the Editor


Reviews will be highly professional and objective, including the following points of concern.

Major Strengths and Weaknesses of the Research & Manuscript.

Quality of the author(s) interpretation of data, including acknowledgement of its limitations

Useful suggestion for improvement of the manuscript and research.

Suggestion for acceptance, revision or rejection.If an author appeals against a Review Decision, the author needs to communicate to the Editors, which will be forwarded to the Reviewer for reconsideration on the grounds presented by the Authors.

Suspected misconduct by authors will be notified to the Editors in confidence and will not be shared with others.

Types of Review:

Editorial, Peer, Blind Peer, Double Blind Peer

Ethical principles for medical research involving human or animal subjects

ICMJE Recommendations for the Conduct, Reporting, Editing and Publication of Scholarly Work

http://www.icmje.org/index.html can be read for information on this subject. If appropriate Ethics Committee Approvals are required, then the authors should obtain necessary approvals, and submit a copy as last page in the manuscript. If Institutional Ethics Committees are not available or present, then recognized Local Ethics Committee approvals need to be submitted. Informed Consent (wherever required) need to be presented as scanned copy. The authenticity of the submitted Ethics Committee Approval or Informed Consent rests with the Author(s). Any points not discussed here may be referred from http://www.icmje.org/index.html

WMA Declaration of Helsinki – Ethical Principles for Medical Research involving Human Subjects

https://www.wma.net/policies-post/wma-declaration-of-helsinki-ethical-principles-for-medical-research-involving-human-subjects/ is suggested to be read.

Adherence to ICMJE & WMA Recommendations

Wherever appropriate, authors need to adhere to ICMJE & WMA Recommendations, when submitting manuscripts to the IJBST Journal Group (Journals as listed at https://www.ijbst.org )

Conflicts of Interest

Conflicts of interest must be declared by authors upon submission of the manuscript.

Permitted Licenses

Creative Commons — Attribution 2.0 Generic — CC BY 2.0



Authors retain copyright and full publishing rights without restrictions

Repository Policy

Authors can deposit published versions of their work in an Institutional or other Repository of their Choice.


Ecological Education & UNSDG Goals in @IJBST_JrnlGroup day-to-day operations and long-term strategy (June 08, 2022)

The @IJBST_JrnlGroup, shall until December 31, 2030 focuss specifically on Ecological Education and the UNSDGs as a means to Ecological Education.

The areas served by the @IJBST_JrnlGroup will now specifically mean "All multidisciplinary & interdisciplinary areas served by the @IJBST_JrnlGroup which fall under the ambit of the UNSDGs".

With regard to submission of articles to the @IJBST_JrnlGroup, the Manuscript submission process will include a declaration by the Authors that the scope of the article falls within the defines of the UNSDGs (with relevant details & urls), as the last page of the manuscript.

If accepted for publication, the aforesaid declaration will be published as such.

The proposed amendment to the Editorial Policy will come into effect immediately, with provision for modification based on input from the Hon'ble Board.


The statements and opinions contained in the published articles of the IJBST Journal Group are solely those of the individual Authors.

The IJBST Journal Group is continuously improved and changes may be made at any time.



Included on April 26, 2020

Incorporation of Post Publications Reviews on COVID-19

Ref: Email Invite from National Digital Library of INDIA (NDL); Apr 26, 2020, 2:12 PM

With due regard to the invitation from the National Digital Library of INDIA received on Apr 26, 2020, 2:12 PM, it is hereby resolved to provide a suitable set of webpages on https://www.ijbst.org at https://www.ijbst.org/covid-19-post-publication-reviews so that the post publication reviews can be uploaded in a form that is convenient for the NDL user to access/refer

Invitation from NDL is hereby acknowledged as follows: